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The Parisian Panda

It all started with a pair of a panda-designed flats she bought several years ago. Ever since, Marie- Claire or better knowns as "MC" grew and learned to love these fluffy creatures by collecting anything panda and incorporating them in her fashion, travel adventures and endeavors. I mean, who could resist an adorable panda anyway? 

Combining things that she loves the most: her beloved city, Paris and her spirit animal, the Giant Panda-- thus, The Parisian Panda was conceived.

The Parisian Panda doesn't only wear a french beret but several hats. She is a business entrepreneur, a public relations consultant, a fashion and lifestyle blogger, a singer and a philanthropist. The Parisian Panda has teamed up with several non-profit organizations close to her heart in the past , including Pandas International; that helps the preservation of the endangered Giant Panda.

This is truly one of MC's own little passion project amongst others. She hopes that it will inspire you to discover what fuels you to live life to the fullest. Enjoy browsing her page and all of the unique content it has to offer--

 one bamboo a time!  

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