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When you wish u-panda star...

Gymboree Panda Purse

When you wish u- panda star, makes no difference who you are, even if you are a panda! Today's outfit was inspired by two things that "spark" my interest-- that is no pun intended, STARS and PANDA!

During my daily ritual of browsing and shopping online, this cute, stuffed panda purse from Gymboree (Fall Collection 2016) caught my eye. Yes, it is a kid's purse and yes, you really cannot put anything in there besides coins and a few dollar bills but a panda must have it in her collection! Although they are no longer available in stores, I was able to purchase one from Ebay for only $14 that included shipping (original retail price was $22.95) so that was a good buy.

Once received, I told myself that I have to incorporate this cute and whimsical panda accessory in my outfit. Luckily, I have this flowy star-printed blouse and a new leather skirt with studs and stars in it that was just waiting to be worn, this was right moment to do so!

It was just also appropriate that I have a tattoo of 5 stars on my right wrist that spoke for itself. Pictured below is a close up of the panda purse and my outfit, where you can see the details on the purse and outfit .

If you haven't noticed, the celestial-themed designs have been an inspiration and were seen not to long ago by major houses such as Alexander McQueen (AW 2016 collection) and Dior (SS 2017 collection) pictured below. Additionally, who would forget Nicole Kidman's grand entrance at the Met Gala 2016 wearing McQueen's plunging cape dress, fully adorned with shooting stars and moon? And how about one of Dior's faces, Jennifer Lawrence, sporting an embroidered star. knitted sweater, paired with a tulle organza skirt with embellishments. Both stars looked ethereal and exquisite in their own ways.

Nicole Kidman in Mcqueen & Jennifer Lawrence in Dior

Even famous shoe designers like Giuseppe Zanotti has played with the idea of the stars embellished in his sexy, strappy heels that came in different colors. Pictured below is the HARMONY STAR heels which is currently on sale for $805 on his site (retailed originally for $1,150).

Harmony Star strappy heels by Giuseppe Zanotti

I think there is a sense of light, carefree and playful feeling that this theme conveys. Maybe because a star could be a sign of hope and so to say a brighter tomorrow? As I was growing up, I used to remember looking up from my room's window when it would be a quiet night, full of stars and I would always try to fathom the idea of seeing a shooting star and wish for something good!

In astronomy, little did I know that the sun is actually the closest star to Earth! It is approximately 93 million miles away or roughly 150 million km. Now, I know I will never reach it in a single lifetime but at least, wearing a celestial-themed outfit filled with stars feel like I am already there...I wish I may, I wish I might!

More pictures of my outfit and the panda purse seen below. I hope you enjoyed this star-filled post and The Parisian Panda wishes you a magical day ahead, one bamboo a time! :)

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