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Style Watch: Fall Fashion Trends 2018

style watch

I can't believe that it's already Fall season! Time flew by so quickly especially when you are having way too much fun. In my case, what I love about this season is its fashion. Fall fashion is a very tricky and challenging yet very fun and creative if you know what you are doing. This is when all the fashionistas showcase their talent for the "art of layering". Although it does not apply for us living in Miami since we do not get the cold, brisk wind when the temperature drops down in mid-December towards early January but a city girl like me who lived most of my life in Paris and New York, there is no season better than Fall besides Springtime!

In this post, I am showcasing some of the hottest trends, styles and looks that I truly adore. What I usually do is browse and look through different inspirations in magazines and articles so I have an idea of what in and what's not. I usually buy staple pieces like a nice pair of boots, a leather jacket or a trench coat and a knitted sweater and incorporate them to what I already have in my closet. Below are some fashion tips on how to rock this season's trends. Scroll through the pictures so you can see different angles and looks.


This season's must-have and a staple piece in your fall closet is a plaid skirt. This season focuses a lot on plaids and checks so you will see this print in coats, jackets, skirts and pants in stores. There is nothing like a good ol' classic tartan or pleated plaid skirt to channel that inner "school girl" look! This multi-colored pleated plaid skirt is from Zara. I paired it with a navy blue light sweater from Uniqlo (they come in different colors). To finish the look, I paired it with a pop of color which is a suede leather mustard jacket. Contrary to popular belief that fall fashion is all about being dark, dull and somber, you can always play it with different pops of color to make it edgier. I usually like to pair the outfit with standout accessories like this bucket popcorn bag from the kid's section in Target from Cat & Jack (yes, you read it right, the kid's section! It works anyway right?) The blue beaded sock booties are from last fall season from Zara.


The attack of the animal prints are back! From snakes to leopard prints, you will see them all over from dresses, bags, to shoes and even certain jewelries and accessories. This is a "to-die-for" look that I love. I usually don't like to do an over all matching look from head-to-toe that it why I broke the snake-print look by pairing my jumpsuit and bag with a neutral color of black and beige as seen on the outfit. I did not want to pass for a walking snake so the key is to add the prints with solid, neutral colors to balance the whole outfit. The snake-print jumpsuit, beige oversized blazer and the matching snake-print custom drop earrings are all from Zara. The fitted sock boots are from Call it Spring and the handbag is from Topshop. If you want to look bold and tap that wilder side of you, definitely the animal prints is the way to go.


Last but not the least, I am the biggest fan of anything leather! The term "leather and sweater weather" is so appropriate since leather jackets, skirt and other accessories are appropriate for this season. In this look, I opted for a leather A-line skirt that I got from a vintage store in Paris during my trip a couple of years back. The short-sleeved sweatshirt is from Bershka. I loved how the sweatshirt has a solid lining sleeves that made it edgy. Again, I applied the same rule of breaking monotony with a pop of color. In this look, the red accessories are the pops of color. The red sock booties are from Call it Spring. while the handbag is Dionysus from Gucci and the red beret is from Forever 21 and the red cat-eye sunglasses are from Nine West. I guess the Parisian in me just truly came out with this whole outfit- a quintessential, classy Mademoiselle yet edgy and modern.

So whether your taste is all about prints, solid colors, animal prints or something else, I always believe that the best outfit you can wear is your confidence and personality. A good, coordinated outfit helps the whole package but definitely the key is knowing how to have fun in fashion and the rest will come handy!

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