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Style Watch: Autumn in New York

Autumn in New York Cover Page

Hello my panda friends! Let me share to you my most recent NYC trip: It was short, sweet and stylish! I was so surprised how I was sweating in mid-October while wearing a long-sleeved cotton shirt and a denim jacket! It seemed like I brought Miami weather during my visit; humid, sunny and scattered showers from time to time. However, just two days right before I left, that mid-50s crisp, chilly winds peeked in to say hello, and all was sort of normal again for Fall! Regardless of the weather craze, I was determined to rock all the outfits I had prepped and brought with me.

In this post, I wanted to recognize what makes New York really the best city in the whole wide world! I have lived all over; different cities in the US, Europe and Asia and nobody beats New York convenience. You will never be stranded because the New York subway is there 24/7 and you will never be hungry because somewhere in the city or the boroughs, your neighborhood deli or mini-grocery or supermarket will be open, ready to serve you! I had an idea in my mind to strike a pose in front of these establishments to thank them for helping us, busy bees, function all-day long!


Thank God, I'm Fresh!

For this outfit, I decided to stand in front of that mini-grocery/supermarket that always sold all kinds of fresh fruits you can ever imagine at a good bargain in a neighborhood in Brooklyn where I grew up. I thought the mix between the yellows, greens and reds would compliment the same colors I was sporting with this outfit. Wearing a green knitted sweater that has a red and blue lining from Forever 21 (as seen on the second picture below), then paired it with a blue oversized blazer that I purchased at Chica Chic Boutique in Miami and with a plaid "skort" (combination of a skirt and shorts) from Bershka. Now, if you have read my last blog post on Fall Fashion trends, you would know that anything plaid this season is a "must-have". Last but not the least, I paired the whole outfit with one of my favorite beaded sock booties from Zara and a one-of-a-kind handmade leather cowboy-inspired bag from Anachon Mai (Venezuelan-made) from MAG Lounge in Miami. Closer look and details could be seen on the second picture below.


Crepes Anyone?

For this look, The Parisian Panda was inspired by the quintessential Parisian meets Coco Chanel! It so happened that there was this famous creperie in New York who really makes delicious French crepes and the best part of it is that they are open until 4am! It dawned to me that my friends and I used to come to this place about almost 15 years ago when we were so hungry after clubbing! GOSH, that seemed lightyears ago! But this was my fun and colorful take for a Parisian outfit by wearing a plaid tweed oversized jacket and a printed long-sleeved top, both from Zara, paired with a black buttoned short, see-thru black tights paired with a red crew socks over using red as my pop of color with red retro-shaped sunglasses and this uber and absolutely kawaii panda-shaped cross body bag from YES Style online. The second picture just showcased one of the street arts you can see all over Manhattan and it was just a very nice piece of artwork and had to strike a pose in front of it!


Nobody does it like Katz

KATZ is an iconic deli located in the Lower East Side and as they say, nobody does it like Katz! If you have been in New York or want to come visit New York, this is a "must-go-to" place. In this look, I have decided to infuse an edgier cowgirl country look by pairing up a solid red long-sleeved cotton shirt with another plaid high-waisted shorts from Bershka. I then paired it with a black thigh-high boots from Kendall and Kylie. To finish off the look, I accessorized it with a cowboy hat, the handmade leather bag and this eye-candy oversized denim jacket with a bejeweled cow skull patch with fringes, both from Anachon Mai. You can see more of the jacket's design on the second picture below with this mind-blowing mural street art of Marilyn Monroe.

I have to say that every time I visit the city, it strengthens my reasons of planning to move back very, very soon! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed it and do not hesitate to contact or shoot me an email should you have any questions on my looks, on where to snag them or if you would like tips on where and what to do in The Big Apple. Till then!

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