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STYLE WATCH: Spring Blossoms, Your Ultimate Wardrobe Guide for Spring Season!

Hello my dear panda followers! As most of you know, I have contemplated of publishing this blog post in mid-April but I decided that since the flowers are already starting to bloom this time of the year, why wait and delay this Style Watch edition right? And must you ask me, Spring besides Autumn, is the best time of the year! This season reminds us to leave our winter woes and worries behind in hopes of a brighter, much more colorful days and hopefully cooler weather and conditions.

Usually, with the Style Watch edition, three fashion edits are featured, but this month's are an exception! I carefully curated and chose four distinct and playful looks to give you a little guide on how to take your winter wardrobe: transform and change it just in time for this season's freshest and hottest looks.

In addition, this month's blog post would not be possible without the creative eye and patience of my dear niece, Lauren, who (for the most part) have been my partner-in-crime with shooting and making sure that we capture every single detail of what I want to show you, my dear subscribers! Plus, I had a new recruit: my nephew Angelo, who was with us doing the behind the scenes pictures! We shot in two locations in New York: The Conservatory Garden at Central Park and outside The Met's Cloisters (just right by Fort Tryon Park) which has elevated and stunning views overlooking The Hudson River and New Jersey. However, do not be fooled by the pictures because as sunny and bright as it may seem to be, it was still cold because of the transitioning winter's chilly breeze, so it was not as comfortable as it may seem, especially dressed up in lighter, shorter fabrics!


Ode to my beloved city, Paris, and the classic, quintessential Parisian mesdames and mesdemoiselles; I came up with this very "french chic" look that could be easily a Coco Chanel or Miss Dior look. Mixing blue and pink pastel colors as my base, I had this jacquard bustier top and a-line skirt set with floral embroideries and patterns but then instead of just wearing the bustier top as is, I pushed the boundary by wearing a baby blue button-down shirt from Ralph Lauren (which I love!) and then paired it with a matching denim baby blue pumps and handbag and finished the look with a pink pastel beret (as my added french touch) and a light knitted sweatshirt from Uniqlo (they have a wide variety of colors!). This fashion edit could easily be worn having brunch with your girlfriends at your favorite bistro or restaurant or just a quiet, romantic stroll at the park with your cheri d'amour! So if you are that lady who likes to look whimsical yet polished, then the Parisian Pastels is a good look for you.


I enjoyed shooting this fashion edit called the Forest Nymph! When I was selecting the pieces for this look and the location, I was wondering what should I call it? And the title dawned to me when I had to sit on the grass with the wild flowers and daisies that captured the playfulness of this outfit. My base colors were navy blue and forest green. Wore a navy blue knitted sweatshirt from Uniqlo (didn't I mention they almost have all the colors that you need?) and then wore a heavy knitted cardigan in navy blue with distinct flowers and butterflies embroidery on both sides. The skort (a skirt/short combination) is a floral brocade pattern that just matched perfectly with the knits. Finally, opted for a bright orange beret for a pop of color and please pay attention to these intricate pair of heels as you scroll through the gallery of pictures, there are hanging flowers that are made out of leather. How pretty are they right? The moment I laid eyes on these pairs from two years ago, I knew I had to get them from Zara. This fashion edit is definitely your go-to casual chic outfit that makes you look so cute and dainty without the whole fuss of overdoing it.


This fashion edit my darlings; is really an eye-catching and captivating look! The dress alone which was a couple of years back from Ted Baker is everything! The pictures do not do justice to the fit, material and detailed mirror design of the dress. I wanted to focus on the dress itself so I just adapted to the design colors and used a pair of fuschia pumps and a green handbag (both from Aldo) and a floral handmade drop earrings (which came from Venezuela). This is one of the fashion edits that was shot at The Conservatory Garden and I am glad I had this dress on in this location as it gave that romantic, serene ambiance that matched the whole look. Definitely, this fashion edit is one that you can use especially if you want to go on a nice jazz concert, opera or a romantic dinner with your partner. It is classy yet sophisticated and sexy in its own way.


Last but not the least, The Delicate Daisy fashion edit is more of a conservative, classic take on your spring wardrobe yet paying attention to details like the balloon skirt and the handmade fishnet stockings that is adorned with beaded daisies from Lirika Matoshi! Yes, you have to search her name as she is exceptionally talented at her design and how she does it. Black and white were my base colors and the daisy flower patterns. Wearing a white satin button down shirt with black piping, I paired it with this uber cute daisy-printed skirt and sported a black blazer over it. Lastly, the fishnet stockings (which took me at least 20 minutes to wear!), a daisy embroidered earrings, a pair of classic black sunglasses and a pair of white pumps. Delicate Daisy fashion edit is something you would want to wear on a business gathering, a client dinner or an art gallery event. Definitely it breaks away from the monotony of the black and white look by mixing the daisy-print pattern in the outfit while staying clean and professional.

So whatever your taste is and whatever the occasion is, I hope that you are able to get some good ideas with the fashion edits featured in this blog post. So go my dear fashionistas, get inspired and let's start boxing away those heavy winter clothes behind and be creative with your spring wardrobe! I think it's also an excuse to go shopping for new spring outfits right? But do not forget as I always say, your confidence is and will be your best outfit!

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