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The Parisian Panda turns One! (Two-Part Anniversary Special)

To my Dearest Followers & Readers,

I cannot believe that The Parisian Panda has turned a year old and I am standing here proudly and joyfully. Before anything else, I would like to tell you a little visual story of how my journey, The Parisian Panda, started and how I got this far...

At first, I was just sitting on my couch, contemplating where I should focus my mind and energy on. I always wanted to have my own platform where I can showcase my artistic side when it comes to fashion, traveling and other interesting things that tickle my fancy.

It all started as an idea. Those who know me very well can attest that I can be wrapped up in my own tiny bubble and space when I have a vision in mind.

Staying true to myself, I had to make several phone calls to family and friends who are my trusted confidants. It is always good to have different points of view because I wanted to make sure that I am doing the right decision.

I have to say that this journey has not been easy. Some people questioned me for my outrageous ideas and I even doubted myself

at times...

And probably, people looking from the outside think it is just a double life or a persona that I am trying to portray...

Even at times, I felt if I am in a weird position, but I knew that I must stay the course regardless of the challenges

that may arise.

But when I saw the fruits of my hard work and persistence, then the whole picture in my head started to make sense.

And now, I sit on this throne, celebrating not only a year of hard work but also a recognition of all the talented people who I have teamed up and collaborated with-- the maestro photographer, Loic Ercolessi. my talented makeup artist Laura Sanabria of Laura Artistry, and the creative Ana of Miami In Style.

To my family and friends-- especially to my niece, Lauren Margaret, who is a budding artist herself and who has been with me in every single New York site photo shoots. To Tony Jaillot and Larry Georges whom I drove crazy by asking them to take pictures of me in every chance I can.

I truly thank each and everyone of you.

Now, looking back at my adventures from this past year, I have to say that I am extremely lucky yet deeply humbled in so many ways that I get to do what I love the most.

So as I lay me down to sleep, I hope that you can take away something from my journey and to tap into your inner spark -- to follow your dreams and aspirations.

Do what your heart truly desires. It only takes that ONE STEP that can make a difference... because If I can do it, so can you.

And before I end this story, I want to thank my loyal supporters and followers. This journey would not be possible without all of you.

As I welcome another promising year of The Parisian Panda,

I know that I am ready to take on new adventures and challenges head on. Nothing can stop me because this is only the beginning...

So watch out world.

Sincerely Yours,

The Parisian Panda

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