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Lollapalooza Chicago 2019: Festival Fashion

Lollapalooza 2019

CHICAGOOOOO! And obviously, I say that with my excited, high-pitched voice. This was indeed one of my most unforgettable trips. Not only it was my first time visiting The Windy City but also my first time attending Lollapalooza Music Festival that took place from the 1st to the 4th of August.

So before I blab about my amazing and awesome experience, I had to give you guys the lowdown on the behind-the-scenes and how this whole experience came into fruition. I was supposed to go with some people who then bailed out on me last minute; so you can only imagine the stress and sort of (annoyance) level I had to deal with before going to the trip. Coming to Lollapalooza was planned months in advance and the fashionista that I am, I was in charge of curating our outfits and looks for each day and then the group cancellation happened! However, the minor yet unfortunate situations I had to deal with did not deter me nor my determination to go solo flight and visit Chicago and experience Lollapalooza; and was I glad that I came. Not only did I had a blast but I came and I conquered!

In addition, I have local friends from Chi-town whom I saw and got to spend some time with while in town that definitely enhanced my whole experience. So this blog post will showcase the different themed outfits I wore for each day and other Chicago activities and events I did while in town. I had to say I felt a bit overdressed at times since I was thinking it would have more of the "Coachella feel" where people really go all out with their looks and outfits but as my local girlfriend explained that it is due to the fact that Midwesterners are more chilled, relaxed and laid back and thus, it reflects on their fashion style and sense. So let's get to business and break down each day and outfits.


Flat Lay of Pandamonium outfit

If you click on the gallery of photos, you will be able to enlarge the pictures to see a better look of the outfit. I knew for Day One that I had to represent my panda lovers and supporters and to represent yours truly, The Parisian Panda. I was lucky enough to be able to buy this costume online that could still look as a "festival panda" in a way without being too costume-y. The overalls with the crop top and suspenders came in as a set and I was able to find some cool panda accessories from my chest of panda collection to match the whole look! The platform combat boots were a good buy from Dollskill. In the beginning, when they first came out and I started seeing people wear them, I was thinking that it looked so awful and unflattering but now I truly, truly understand the reason why: You can look tall (especially for petite ladies like me) and still dance the night and your heart away the whole time without wearing heels and hurting your feet! So I totally get it now and I apologize to my fellow fashionistas who have been rocking this type of footwear for being judgemental in the beginning.

Day One was a little intimidating since I was by myself and some local friends have tickets but only for the weekend. Nonetheless, just when I thought that it will be a little stressful, I was welcomed by everyone as most Chicagoans are super friendly, warm and inviting. I even met some people and chatted with them when I took a break and relaxed in the food court area. Some girls thought I was a celebrity and wanted to take pictures and so we did! I was able to see the very talented Normani perform and the highlight of the night was seeing The Chainsmokers for the final act and I was really blown away by the group's energy and performance. I even took the local Chicago subway for the first time which was not too bad! So Day One was mission accomplished.


For Day Two, I called this festival edit "Hoedown Hottie" as this whole look was very fitting for the name. I decided to go with a very chic yet edgy cowgirl look but with an urban take by doing an all-black look. The see thru two-slitted, studded skirt with its matching bra top was from Dollskill. Accessories and shoes are from my own closet that I was able to filter through to match the whole concept. I decided to use a studded fanny pack instead of a shoulder or over-the-body shoulder bag to make it edgier. This look was made famous by Coachella goers so ever since, a lot of festival edits and outfits have been different takes and versions on this specific style. I have seen a couple of girls who wore similar outfits to mine and it was very interesting to see how people do their own twist on it. Definitely this is one of the go-to looks in most music festivals as you could never go wrong with it.

I came in a little later during the day since I was really exhausted the day before. I also met a friend elsewhere before and some people were giving me the unusual stares and looks while some complimented me on this outfit whom were obviously aware that Lolla weekend was happening. There were quite several notable performances that night; Janelle Monae slayed her hour with her out-of-this-world ensembles while I got to see BAYNK who I have a huge crush from the beginning and I was able to watch the first half of Childish Gambino's killer performance before calling it a night. Day Two was less intense compared to Day One since I was more comfortable with my surroundings and I had the orientation of my where-to's and what-to's. Overall, it was a really productive second day for Lolla.


For my third and final day, I decided to go with something fun, whimsical and colorful and go with The Trolls-themed outfit. Who would want to pass out on that trolls back pack right? I first saw it in Dollskill while browsing and shopping for outfits online and saw that they had their own Trolls line so it was really easy for me to curate this look as I bought the bag, the accessories (choker and earrings) and the printed top. Luckily, I had a multi-colored skirt to match it and bought these prism-like multi-colored metallic platform shoes from Dollskill as well. The socks were one of the official Lolla merchandises that they were selling at the Lolla pop up shops and thought it would be a great match. I really enjoyed wearing this outfit and got so many compliments about it. I even took a nice 180-degree video of my outfit from the ASICS pop up shop.

The highlight of the day for me was not so much about watching the artists but catching up with my girlfriend Eliza who I met in Miami years back and who helped me with the arrangements of my Chicago trip. It was nice to hang out with someone finally as we really saved the best for last! Both Eliza and I saw Loud Luxury and it was crazy as the music was really blasting together with the heat of the sun. The first two days were sunny but breezy so it was really enjoyable but the sun was scorching on Day Three!

So even though I missed Day Four by choice and had to miss Ariana Grande's finale act, I have to say that my first Lolla experience was nevertheless memorable and worthwhile. I will definitely would love to go back with friend and do this again and hopefully, no one would cancel!

Outside of Lolla, even though I was not able to do and see much of the town's sight-seeings and landmarks, I was able to attend my gorgeous friend's birthday, Celeste, who turned her glorious, big thirty.

Lastly, I had to at least pose in front of the iconic Chicago Theatre which was my friend's idea. Thanks for that, Micah! Definitely and surely, Chicago will be seeing more of me and this time around, I will make sure to visit its famous landmarks which will make me appreciate the City of the Big Shoulders just even more.

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