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YEAR-END SPECIAL: Acoustic Unplugged Session Series Debut

Gheez Louis! I don't know if it's just me or 2019 just came by like a breeze? I remember a year ago, I was freezing my behinds off shooting for the Winter Wonderland fashion edit with my niece, Lauren, in New York City. Now, fast-forward to almost 2020. I am a little bit overwhelmed to be honest as time is always fleeting especially for busy bees like myself. But I guess it really is, especially when you are having way too much fun. Although, I have to say 2019 has been a very eventful, creative and sometimes challenging year full of laughter, learning and most of all, achievements that I can be so proud of and truly thankful and grateful for.

2019 marked the first year anniversary of The Parisian Panda which was a big accomplishment for me, followed by the crazy yet epic idea of launching a short film/ music video for Halloween which truly pushed my boundaries in my creativity level not only as a fashion blogger but as an artist. Truly, this social platform has paved the way for me to tap into my artistic life again and has allowed me to meet so many wonderful and talented people that I have worked with in my projects along the way-- which is just another perk in this wildly, creative adventure and path that I am in.

So, I decided that with all these great things that came my way and that keeps on coming (which you always have to manifest great things because your good energy is a magnet for good energies to be directed to you as me on that), I wanted to showcase a new project with all of my loyal followers and readers. This is the debut of The Acoustic Unplugged Sessions with myself and Mr. Scott Martin, a fine and a hell of a great musician who I met sometime this year within the music industry in New York.

While most of my beloved followers and readers are probably not aware that besides my passion and flare for fashion; I came from a very artistic, musical background and I could remember singing and performing at a very young age. Growing up, I studied and played the classical piano and I still do from time to time. So this project and collaboration with Scott is a way for me to be in touch with that facet of my identity and to keep exploring my musical side. Back when I used to perform in New York and Paris, I have always been fascinated in performing with either a pianist or an acoustic guitarist because there is that intimate feel that it sends off from the artist to its spectators. So, staying true to myself as a singer and performer, it had to be an acoustic guitar as my musical accompaniment. This series will be done quarterly (April, August and December) with Scott and hopefully new collaborations with other artists and musicians in the future. So every other week during the quarter as an installment, you will be seeing us perform a song from different genres of music (from EDM, classic rock, R & B and the likes) with our acoustic, unplugged take. Also, this would not be possible without the help of our genius sound engineer and videographer, Dan Mac.

So without further adieu, the first of three songs in our debut series is here, SIMMER from BAYNK featuring Hablot Brown. We hope you like it and wishing each and everyone a great new year ahead full of love, laughter, good health and good music!

Sincerely yours,

The Parisian Panda

** For bookings, services and inquiries, click on this link for our valued partners.

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