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Acoustic Unplugged Session Series Debut (3rd Installment)

Hello Dear Friends! Yes, here we are again for the final installment of The Acoustic Unplugged Sessions Debut Series. So just a quick recap, ten days ago, we launched our second song, WHO'S CRYING NOW by Journey which is our take on a classic Rock and Roll hit. This time around, not only I am excited to share this to you but I also want to share a little back story behind this project.

A couple of months ago, I reached out to my friend Scott Martin, who is a talented musician, singer-songwriter and guitarist and asked him to join this music venture. He eagerly agreed to take upon this journey with me but not knowing that he will be put on spot to sing a R n B song! Mind you, Scott is a Rock and Roll singer and guitar player so it was sort of a "trap" for him when he found out that he had a part in singing this particular song. During rehearsals, I was teasing him and laughing most of the time but somehow he ended up liking the song after all.

As musicians, singers and performers, we have our different styles and specialties when it comes to music genres but it is also a learning opportunity when you are faced with a particular song or theme that is not within your genre or "cup of tea" and yet be able to deliver remarkably-- that makes an artist multifaceted and versatile. Taking upon different types of songs and putting and making it our own version is really something that is exciting for both Scott and I in this project and we look forward to doing more.

So before I lose you guys, my beloved audience, here is our final installment: WILD THOUGHTS by Rihanna (J-Sol version). Hope you guys enjoy it and see you all again soon on our next session in April!

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