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STYLE WATCH: No Basics Allowed (EXTRA AF)

Just when you thought our titles wouldn't get any more hilarious and funny, the title says it all: NO BASICS ALLOWED! As a fashion blogger, I am always in search of different, unconventional themes and fashion editorial concepts that are interesting, eye-catching and not so "deja vu" in the fashion blogging arena. However, I have to admit that at times, it gets harder so my brain is always thinking outside of the box 365 days a year non-stop. I always want to surprise and show you my dear followers, innovative and relevant content. So I thought to myself; since every body says (even in their joking way) that I am "so extra" anyway when it comes to my fashion taste, why not showcase our everyday, normal, basic routine such as grocery shopping, eating at a fast food joint, doing laundry and even taking the public transportation but with a twist-- Mixing daily activities but coming up with extravagant, pompous and exuberant outfits while in the middle of it. I believe and pretty much certain that a fashion blogger's worst fear is to be caught redhanded in public and not ready to bring it on right? You never know essentially who you will bump into or if their are even any papparazis lurking so one has to be always ready as if she is walking and headlining the runway!

My inspiration came from Richie Rich, who is a fictional character in the Harvey Comics universe. Dubbed "the poor little rich boy", Richie is the only child of fantastically wealthy parents and is the world's richest kid. Interestingly enough during my research, I found comic book sketches of Richie Rich depicting exactly the fashion edits I wanted to showcase.

Though Richie shows an exaggeration of his family's wealth through luxurious things like jewels and gems, I wanted to depict mine with really out-of-this world, outlandish and almost "ridiculous" outfits that a "basic" person would not normally wear! Hence, if you notice I took a page out of Richie Rich's comic book page to use it as the background cover of this post. So without further ado, this is NO BASICS ALLOWED (Extra AF Edition). PS: You can click on each of the smaller pictures to enlarge and see each outfit details.


Grocery Glam Gal

Imagine Lady Gaga with a pixie dust who just stepped into the grocery store and started strutting her outfit in the aisles? That was the inspiration for curating this outfit. I wanted to play and put a focus on this custom-made tutu skirt that I had for years. The oversized metallic ribbon top came from Zara that I purchased last year and I paired it off by layering it over a fuschia bodysuit. I then, matched it with a satin-finished pumps and glittered clutch of the same color hue and the very "Lady Gaga-ish" eyewear that has a baby blue lens that matches the color of the tutu skirt. Definitely, looks were given because I was serving it the whole time! The colors of the cereal boxes and other grocery products also complimented the whole vibe of what we wanted to capture. So make your grocery lists and bring in your A-game in your nearest grocery aisle!


Fast food you say? Not so fast! Because you have to look at this glittery lady from outer space who came in (peace) to show off her looks and also grab a bite of that juicy, meaty burger! For this fashion edit, I wanted it to be at an epic all-American fast food landmark which is no other than McDonald's. To be honest, I thought this was going to be an easy shoot but it proved harder than that as there were too many people and the establishment almost kicked us out! I had to thank the Maestro Photographer, Loic, for snapping all these photos discretely. For the outfit, I was able to buy this glittery, sequined tube dress on sale and I paired it with a metallic gold belt and purse. To finish off the look, the Christian Louboutin metallic spiked pumps proved to always be a fashion statement and shoe candy! I had to indulge with the jewelries and accessories by wearing more than just one ring and bracelets and a bejeweled crown to compliment the dress. Who cares about those calories right? Oh well, we all do I guess!


If you have to ask me, Lady Laundry, would probably be my favorite shoot as it was seamless and the outfit itself is just so outrageous: a cross between a French Femme Fatale meets a sexy post (wo)man! Insider story: we were even asked my the elderly lady who works at the laundromat if we need help operating the machines since we came in and just conquered most of the space! She was probably thinking "WTH is going on in here!" As for the outfit itself, I got the crop top that screams PRIORITY from Forever 21, paired it a red booty shorts, red patent thigh high boots from Shoedazzle and of course the red beret for the French touch! Finally, finished it off with a clutch bag that looks like a love letter and a pair of white fingerless gloves. So you tell me, do you want it hot or cold? And do you want it spin dried? Haha!


Am I waiting for my chauffeur? NO. That was too predictable. I am waiting for my white horse to arrive! I mean the whole outfit is already a give away of what type of transportation I am going to ride right? Although I don't mean to hog the bus stop seats by myself but typically, that is how I pose. Really. No-- just kidding. Bus Stop Bourgeois is a "clean cut" fashion edit for fashionistas who will always be fashionable in any public transportation. This was my favorite outfit for this fashion post and the plaid colors of the suit just matches the country feel of the location for this shoot. Paired the suit with a red belt to cinch the waist since the suit gives a very "boxy" and masculine shape. Finally, finished the look with a red fedora wide brim hat, red patent pair of booties and last but not the least, a riding crop. So yee haw your way out of the traffic jam with this because that galloping horse is on its way to pick me up!

We hope you like our "extraness" and our almost sickening degree of making a fashion statement. As I always say, no matter how you are dressed, the best accessory will always be your confidence! Until our next STYLE WATCH series post; stay fashionable.

**For photo and make-up credits, please click on this link for our partners.

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