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The Parisian Panda Turns TWO! (2nd Year Anniversary Special)

PP turns two

Bonjour my dearest followers and subscribers! Yes, indeed, as the picture depicts: it is a BIG DAY for yours truly because this fashion blog and lifestyle brand just turned two! For someone like me who takes what I do into heart and in a very serious manner, I am really proud and happy of how The Parisian Panda has transformed over the last two years.

Years back before The Parisian Panda was launched, people were already encouraging me to do a fashion blog but like what I have mentioned in my intimate one on one interview last year when The PP turned one, I was a little hesitant about jumping in the blogging industry because not only the competition is stiff but it really takes so much of your time. When I say really takes so much of your time, I meant weeks- if not months of preparation for a production such as filming and shooting and even the photo shoots that we do during The Style Watch series. There is a lot of concept-building, wardrobe selections and even logistics that needs to be thought of and prepped up in advance. However, I am truly enjoying the process every time as it is a learning and a fun, creative outlet and experience for me. I am very lucky to be able to have a social platform where I can really showcase my passion and interests and hopefully; inspire everyone to do something that they really love to do even if life happens!

For the second year anniversary of The Parisian Panda, the production team and I prepared months in advance for the concept of the mini film and we had to adjust to changing times, it was not without struggle and some hurdles but those are the things that makes me continue to keep striving for the best version of a brand and lifestyle that I can be to everyone. I wanted to show what and who The Parisian Panda is all about and we came up with a very original way to do so. I wanted to thank each and everyone involved in truly making this happen (you guys know who you are!) and without further ado, this is THE PARISIAN PANDA TURNS TWO.

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