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Acoustic Unplugged Sessions: Summer Series (1st Installment)

MC and Scott Martin

...and you're favorite acoustic duo is back! It's definitely been a hot, crazy minute y'all! But super pumped and psyched that Scott and I are back for the Summer (2020) Sessions. Not only we are serenading you with our own acoustic take of three, carefully-selected songs but we are so happy and so lucky to have performed right in the heart of Central Park in New York City!

We found a bird sanctuary which was the perfect backdrop and setting to our stage. Honestly, it was a magical and wonderful feeling and experience to sing with nature, being one with it. Not only we get to do what we love to do the most-- which is to sing and perform but it was a breath of fresh air just to be outdoors especially in this unprecedented and unconventional times we are living in. Challenging times call for channeling a creative outlet and space just to get a breather from time to time to find our balance in life, don't you agree?

This first song installment is entitled I WISH I DIDN'T MISS YOU by the talented Angie Stone. A very soulful song that has a lot of depth and message. We loved performing this song and we hope that you would love listening to it too while seeing clips of Central Park filmed by the one and only Dan Mac, who is also our sound engineer.

Without further ado, here is our first song and stay tuned for the second installment in exactly ten days coming straight to your mail inbox!

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