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The Parisian Panda's Halloween Special (Year Two)

Happy Spooktacular Halloween to all my subscribers and followers!

I know this year has been very challenging to all of us but with that being said, Halloween remains one of my favorite time of the year so I had to make sure that we have an entertaining content for all of you this year.

Just like last year, this Halloween Special was made with love and preparation while sticking to last year's theme of impersonating a famous music icon. We want to make this funny and also comical since we all need a good laugh especially these challenging times.

I would like to thank all the cast and crew, Dan and Andre. and also Graciie Beauty for my glam and the generosity of my dear friend, Bobby Attiko, who sponsored our location. Good friends and professional people who I work with are the reason why I keep getting better every year! Thank you!

Without any further ado, I hope you enjoy this year's HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! Show some love my reposting and sharing the link. Have a safe and freaky Halloween y'all and until next year's Halloween Special.

***For a list of our partners and sponsors, please click on this link.

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