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STYLE WATCH: Love Fool (A Valentine's Day Special)

Happy Valentine's Day my dear Parisian Panda followers and subscribers!

I am so thrilled and extra excited to share our Valentine's Day special for this year not only because I get to showcase my unconventional take on what I would normally wear during the most romantic day of the year but a celebration of finding true love! I know, after all these years-- finally, my prayers were answered and he came in a 6'2 tall bundle of sweetness and so much more than I could ever want and wish for in a partner for life, and what's more? My parents adore Mehdi (especially Mum). But, enough of that right now, we shall get back to that later on.

This year, I collaborated with Larry Dorta of LDG Photo Studio once again and shot at the same location where I did last year's feature, in the heart of Miami Design District. I wanted to feature a very modern, edgy, all black look with a pop of red and some balloons, roses and a panda accessory (mandatory, of course). If you know me by now, I am not the one to follow trends and I just really like to express my vision and my own take and stamp in every fashion looks I curate. I always say, fashion is one way of creatively expressing who you are and it should be done in a fun way- your way!


One of my go-to's is to always have a focal point in one's outfit and look. In this particular look, since I was going for an all black ensemble from Maniere De Voir, I wanted to accessorize with all pop of reds-- so I had to pull out and wear my (not so comfortable) Louboutins for the shoot and plus, staying true to my French self, a little red beret would never hurt anybody, n'est-ce pas? Also, can we all just say how cute my panda purse that happened to have a heart in the middle of its chest is?

Pictured below is a burning rose, thanks to the great idea of my (scientist and future doctor) darling, Mehdi, who also came to watch me during the shoot! Although we had a few mishaps of making sure it won't fully burn, at least, Larry was able to capture a little bit of the "burning" effect.


I hope you guys enjoyed this little Valentine's feature. I definitely had so much fun shooting this. I would like to thank all the people who collaborated with me in this shoot: Larry Dorta of LGD Photo Studio, Claudia Guerra of Let's Glam Beauty who did my glam and make up for the day and lastly, my one and only, Mehdi, who tagged along in this shoot and we even were able to convince him to take a couple of pictures together! So however and whomever you will be celebrating this Valentine's Day, make sure that it is filled with genuine love.

Happy Valentine's and Joyeux Saint Valentin!


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