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STYLE WATCH: SPACE JAM (feat. Laura Artistry)

Hello Dear Parisian Panda followers!

I know it's been "light years" since our last STYLE WATCH editorial since we have been busy all these time shooting for production contents. I am super ecstatic and excited to share with you all and feature our resident make up artist; Laura (Laura Artistry) for this first ever make up editorial reel.

Laura has been my make up artist and THE go-to glam squad queen for all my beauty transformations for the most part of the STYLE WATCH series of the blog. I am so happy and honored to finally feature her so everyone can get to know more about the wondrous things this talented woman can do!

I thought of calling this editorial SPACE JAM just because it sounded so cool and have that New Wave era feel to it especially with the special audio mix I asked my beloved videographer and sound engineer, Dan Mac. While very few really know about my love and passion for astronomy, this definitely was my chance to be an astronaut even for one day with the set background and props that we have arranged for the reel to make it believable that I have just landed in outer space.

This make up editorial is really fun look: mixing a lot of different colors such as bright pink, electric blue, purple and a lot of sparkly glitters and foil make up to get that outer space vibe. It took a long time to finish the look but definitely so worth the preparation.

We hope you guys liked the finish product and until next time! We are blasting out!


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