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Hi my dear PP subscribers and followers:

Before I begin, I would like to greet everyone a healthy and blessed 2024! We are very well 10 days in this new year and I hope everyone is doing well. It has been awhile since the last newsletter I have written as I had to take a break to navigate the complex and delicate journey of bereavement.

If you have been following my activities mostly on IG & Facebook, you may have been well aware that my mentor, friend and partner(then fiance); passed away tragically. Any type of loss is definitely difficult in all aspects and I can certainly say that since then, I am not the same person as I was before. I truly needed the time to myself while seeking professional help and loss support groups to help me find my way in this new journey and phase of my life.

But since then, a lot of development has happened at The Parisian Panda platform and I would like to share some major highlights below to recap 2023:

* The inception of MOVEMENTS Retreat took place in March last year and we held our first holistic wellness retreat in Negril, Jamaica (where I live and spend most of my time in these past year and change) last May of 2023. You can watch the recap of the fun weekend here.

In addition, we were honored to have been featured in an online article twice to share and talk about MOVEMENTS via Bold Journey and Canvas Rebel (click the hyperlinks for full article).

* The Parisian Panda celebrated its 5th year Anniversary last June 27th and honored Negril since most of our escapades took place in the island and had to thank my whole Jamaican/ Yahdie family for making it all happen! Also, a big shout out to my main man and photographer, Stoff, for always capturing my best angles and moments. You can browse some of the pictures that we shot below depicting Negril's local lifestyle.

* Last summer of 2023, we kicked off and celebrated my birthday with a major bang as we celebrated my annual black and white birthday party for the 7th year in a row! Check out the birthday video and highlights of the night here.

* The first MOVEMENTS Back To School fundraising event took place last August 13th. We partnered with local sponsors from Negril and Sheffield, Jamaica through the funding of gracious and generous donors from our GoFundMe page to organize a fun-filled family event for the children and gave each participant a school kit. Check out the event highlights here.

* Definitely, last but not the least, last year's Halloween impersonation of The Parisian Panda kept getting better every time- Latin's Pop Star sensation and queen, none other than Thalia! We decided to honor one of her famous characters; Marimar. Click on this video to see what Stoff came out with.

* This year, I am also happy to share an exciting news that after a brief two-year hiatus, Acoustic Unplugged with MC & Scott Martin is having a special reunion. Stay tuned for session one coming soon before January ends!

2023 definitely not only kicked me aggressively but buried my heart six-feet underground yet despite the major adversary of loss that I had to face and go through also brought some glimmer of positivity and a different perspective in my life. I am more fearless these days in ways unfathomable and I try to live in the present moment as much as possible because truly, NOW, is the only time we have. A major part of the shift and attitude in my life is definitely credited to Ariel Benjamin (Z'L) who not only taught me to jump off cliffs in a literal aspect but taught and showed me what real, genuine love could be.

So this leap year, I say: TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH! You never know what awaits you until you do...


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