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The Parisian Panda's Halloween Special (Year Three)

Hello my dear Parisian Panda Followers!

We are here again in one of my favorite time of the year where we all get spooky, scary, dress up and be someone for the day! For this year’s Halloween Special, I will be transforming into another iconic musical character. Truly, I am so excited to show you all what we have and I am so thankful and proud of our entire cast and crew. Hope you all enjoy this music video and until next year!

Exec. Producer/ Director: The Parisian Panda

Sound/ Video Editor: Dan Maccarone (LAIR STUDIOS)

Support Cast "MAN CANDY": Paul Saylor

Dance Choreographer: Lauren Margaret Directo

Makeup and Grooming: Heloisa Make Up

*For a list of our partners and their services, pls click on this link.


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