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The Parisian Panda Turns Three! (Anniversary Special)

Hello My dear Parisian Panda readers and followers!

June 27th holds a really special place in my heart because this is when The Parisian Panda was created and born. I cannot believe that this social platform is going strong for three years now and I have so many mixed emotions of happiness and pride just because when I look back at from where I started three years ago to where I am now and how I am continuously growing, I am still blown away by the things and projects I was able to do and launch-- mostly thanks to all the amazing and talented people I met along the way who I worked with and collaborated with.

The Parisian Panda has truly evolved into a "jack of all trades" social platform because it started as a passion project where I can always be in touch and keep my creative and artistic side flowing. Like what I have said in the beginning of the anniversary special video, I have mentioned that as we grow older, the harder it is to keep that "artist" in each one of us. The Parisian Panda has allowed me to keep that aspect of my personality that then allows me to have the work-life balance I need in my every day life. Also, I primarily envisioned this to be a fashion blog because I want to share my love of fashion, beauty and aesthetics. Now, it has grown into a mixed media platform where I also share motivational and relevant articles I have written, to music performances, dance projects and most recently, a cooking segment. I mean, truly, who would have thought that one day, I will host a cooking show (let alone, I cannot even do a proper sunny side up?) but as they always say, when there is a will- there is a way!

"Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up..." - Pablo Picasso

I always reiterate in my sit down interviews during post-production shoots that I am truly grateful for all the people that I met along the way, have worked and continue to work with because they are in part my inspiration to keep going, keep learning and keep growing. Working with creative individuals, exchanging ideas and concepts always excite me because this is where I have the opportunity to widen my artistic points of view.

From fashion photo shoots that require tedious time for creating editorial looks, to curating the make up and coordinating with the photographers, to production shoots, dance and song rehearsals, to endless crew meetings and video discussions when it comes to editing, the content that I produce is a product of love and collective effort from hardworking people who are equally passionate in their respective areas or fields of interest. This for me is truly priceless and no amount of money can ever amount to the joy and satisfaction it brings me when I am able to present and showcase the finish product to my followers and loyal audience.

Stop looking back at what you've left behind and focus on the opportunity and what lies ahead...

In part, I strongly believe that I can also influence and engage other individuals to remember their inner artistic calling-- to continue their journey or to rekindle what they once had. I had to make sacrifices, to allocate time and effort to make this work because every good thing requires a lot of it.

If you are going to ask me if I would ever do it again? My answer is simply this is just the beginning of my journey as a blogger and a content producer. I have truly grown in the short three years of this journey and I cannot wait for the coming years and experiences in store not only for me but for everyone who is involved. In our lives, I learned that we are given opportunities and it is up to us if we want to seize it or not and I chose to voraciously grab any moment and opportunity that will be beneficial for the continuous growth of The Parisian Panda.

I want to thank you all for your support and loyalty because I would not be here without the belief, motivation and push from the ones who believed in me from day one. To many more experiences and memorable moments to come!


The Parisian Panda.


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