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STYLE WATCH: Sizzlin' Hot Summer

Summer time is here and the heat is definitely on-- literally and figuratively! While I am not the biggest fan of this season for so many reasons I won't elaborate (the constant sweating and humidity...need I say more?), I am still very psyched and excited to show you four swimwear edits for this season's hottest looks and trends.

Shot in Crandon Beach, Key Biscayne, a little paradise tucked away outside the bustling, touristy crowds of Ocean Drive and South Beach; this is my safe haven when I want to enjoy a little sun outside Miami. We were lucky enough that Crandon Beach had different sceneries and corners where we can play with while shooting to get the most artistic photos in one place!

I have to be honest, as much as I love playing dress up and posing in front of the camera, it is always daunting to wear a bikini that showcases almost every flaw you have. So in preparation, I really made sure that I kept my sweet tooth in control and just really worked out and followed my personal trainer's killer exercises that paid off! So without further adieu, make sure you browse and click through each swimsuit edits' gallery to see different scenes and angles and to enlarge swimsuit details that will surely lure you to go out, enjoy some sun and take a dip!


Can I have a Tropical Delight on the rocks please? When I was shopping for the swimsuits, I saw this print and the first thing that came to my mind was having a thirst-quenching drink with this swimsuit as this two-piece bikini is a delight in itself! The top has a push-up support for small-busted women like me who wants to put a little boost in their overall look while the bikini has tie-strings that will allow you to adjust the tightness of the bikini bottom. This printed design will remind you of anything and everything tropical: big, wavy palm leaves and flowers. I paired the bikini with a drop earring adorned in tropical leaves to match the print of the bikini as shown in one of the pictures as you browsed through the gallery.


The Golden Hour

Shot in one of the lifeguard posts, I sat on the stairs as Loic took the first shot while I was looking at the sky while the sun was glistenin' on my skin. At that moment, I knew I had to call this swimsuit edit, The Golden Hour. This baroque-ish printed one-piece swimsuit is for women who are not too confident or comfortable to wear a two-piece bikini but yet flirty and sexy enough as the one-piece has cut outs by the waist and has a plunging neckline that still accentuates and shows enough cleavage. I matched this swimsuit with an eye-catching ear cuff that matches the colors on the bikini's print and also by wearing a black and gold wedge since it was in the lifeguard post, it was not hard for me to stand and pose in it...definitely a no-no in the sands!


Into The Wild

Because every woman has their wild least I do! And that's what I feel every time I wear animal prints as if it's calling the inner animal in me. As most fashionistas know, animal prints are big not only during the fall season but also during summer as the bold animal prints are always dramatic and striking. So for this two-piece bikini, I opted for a zebra-print and we played around shooting in between the palm trees in Crandon Beach which really gave a tropical getaway. I also balanced the bikini print by wearing a black see-through kimono. So for those women who want to wear a two-piece bikini, wearing kimonos and cover-ups are always a good option if you want to just show a little skin but not to reveal as much. As far as accessories, I wore a pair of sunglasses that are uniquely triangular-shaped that gave and brought out the boldness of the bikini print.


Last but not the least, it was not rocket science why this swimsuit edit is called Camo Chameleon. When Loic suggested that we should shoot by the grasses, I was a little confused but when we finally did it, it all made sense as the solid black print with the camouflage lining of the bikini paired with a camouflage-printed kimono balanced and harmonized the whole concept and idea we were trying to achieve. This type of bikini are for the ones who like to stick with the solid colors but still want to have a little design on their swimsuits that is not "too much" or over-the-top. The last picture where we were showcasing the green-lensed sunglasses as the main accessory for the look played very well with the palm tree leaves poking on me as it gave that savage yet sophisticated look.

So as the temperature keeps rising this summer season, we surely know how to stay cool by looking fly in our swimsuits because there is always a swimwear for every body type so there is no need to worry! Also, make sure to play and experiment by knowing how to accessorize. Flirty, playful earrings, sunglasses or kimonos and cover-ups are the most essential accessories to pair and spice up your entire look! So my dear followers, I hope you were inspired and enjoyed these carefully-curated fashion edits for this post and have a great and safe summer vacation y'all!

**For photo and make-up credits, please click on this link for our partners.

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