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Acoustic Unplugged Session Series Debut (2nd Installment)

And we are back! As promised almost two weeks ago, this is our second installment to The Parisian Panda's new musical project debut series called, The Acoustic Unplugged Sessions with MC and Scott. On our debut video, we sang and performed Simmer by BAYNK (feat. Hablot Brown) which is an EDM/ House music. This time, we are doing our own take on a classic Rock and Roll hit single by Journey.

As explained in my last blog post, we wanted to sing and perform different songs acoustically from different genres, taking into consideration that our audience may have different musical preferences. I always believed that music is a universal language that glues all of us regardless of our language barriers, race or color. Everybody from different walks of life can relate to music and we are so glad that we are able to do what we love and share it with all of you.

So as fast as a greased lightning, here is our second installment; WHO'S CRYING NOW by Journey. Hope you guys enjoy it and see you all again in ten days for our third installment!

** For bookings, services and inquiries, click on this link for our valued partners.

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