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STYLE WATCH: Jammin' in Jamaica (Travel Edition)


I know it's been a minute y'all since our last Style Watch installment and it's because a lot has happened including life and including Jamaica and all its finest! With that being said, I am so happy and excited to showcase a travel edition article that will allow me to show you all why Jamaica, specifically this little beach town called Negril has captured my heart.

Negril is located in Westmoreland and Hanover parishes at the far western tip of Jamaica. Not only it is famous for its 7-mile beach of powdery white sand, but for its lagoons, coral reefs and cliffs.

I had a great luck and opportunity to live and experience what it has to offer for a couple of months last year and I have to say that Negril was and is (to this day) one of the most unforgettable places I have lived in and because it left an indelible mark in my life that I

promised to come back to see friends or should I say, my Jamaican family once again and I did in January.

While everyone else is still in the middle of the cold, snowy winter in the Northern hemisphere, I was soaking in the sun, swimming in the Caribbean sea with my "tall drink" while watching the Negril sunset which is a delight and sight to behold.

Negril offers so many all-inclusive hotels to small boutique ones that any traveler can find something that will fit their budget and needs. I really wanted to unwind and relax during this trip so I opted to stay in one of Negril's finest adult-only resort with a full-service called Ocean Cliff Hotel which is the featured location as seen with all of the photos captured by Stoff; a talented digital content creator and photographer who is a town local and a friend.

For the photoshoot inspiration, not only I wanted to capture the vibrant tropical colors of Negril but also as an ode to the Jamaican flag so I had to, of course, sport a swimsuit of the country's colors as seen below.

Rising above the turquoise Caribbean Sea just outside of Negril's town proper are the gorgeous, craggy cliffs located on the town's western coast. The cliffs are a base for snorkeling and diving which are the spot's most famous activity for locals and tourists alike. Most hotels that are located on the West End have access to the cliffs which is pictured below.

Not only I wanted to showcase the magical cliffs but also the artsy stone tiles which most cliff hotels share and have in common. This makes the view even more an idyllic and picturesque setting not only for a photoshoot but for weddings alike (which I have witnessed during my stay at the hotel).

The cliffs in Negril are abundantly surrounded with festive cafes that are perfectly situated to take in the spectacular seaside view. It is a MUST to visit the legendary Rick's Cafe as touristy as it may be, and be quite entertained between the insane cliff divers, jamming reggae bands and live shows. It is definitely worth a pre-dinner drinks stopover and also one of the perfect places to catch the West Coast's spectacular, fiery sunsets.

My stay in Negril was definitely short and sweet but the more I come back to Jamaica; I have a better understanding of why and how any traveler and adventurer would simply fall in love with this rich country, not to mention, with Negril's charms. The people have this "positive vibes only" aura and energy that is invigorating, refreshing and most importantly; inclusive. ONE LOVE as everyone says and definitely I felt the authentic love and warmth from everyone I met and crossed paths with and I cannot wait to be back soon and watch the sunset with family and friends all over again.

Inna di morrows and BIG UP JAMAICA!



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