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STYLE WATCH: Royal Bloods

Hear ye, hear ye! By Royal decree, Her Majesty, The Parisian Panda, is graciously giving you a look in the life of a Royalty...

Hi PP readers and followers. It has been a minute and we all know that we are in the 21st century and yet for this STYLE WATCH premiere edition of 2021, we are channeling and revisiting some medieval, and "baroque esque"- themed fashion editorials and looks. I have always wanted to do this editorial and live the life of a queen, a princess or a maiden-- even just for a day so this experience has been very magical and delightful in so many ways- from the clothing pieces and accessories that I had to curate and to the make up that Laura, our resident make-up artist, had to do to fully execute the aesthetic beauty of the era.

So for this editorial, I have selected and created three specific looks namely Majestic Queen, Ethereal Princess and Masquerade Maiden. My inspirations came from the personas of Marie Antoinette, Queen Charlotte and the women of... may I dare say, Netflix's Bridgerton! Now, why don't we regal ourselves with some cake or tea and adore each looks as I break them down, shall we?


For the Majestic Queen editorial, I really wanted to present a powerful. almost unearthly, godly female fitting for a Queen of the castle. Loic, our maestro photographer, and I agreed that definitely this needs to be at a dramatic castle/tower backdrop and to play with the lighting to capture a very captivating ambiance. As far as the pieces are concerned, this is actually a two-piece look which comprises of a long, flowly balloon, almost "prom-like" skirt and an interesting brocade pattern of the blouse that has puffy sleeves to give more volume to the look of the Queen. I then purchased a sun halo crown with black roses that really gave off that ethereal and "godly' appearance with the scepter and gold medallion sautoir. The landscape photo showcases a portrayal of the redemption of The Queen from the depths of the "Dark Forest".


For the Ethereal Empress look, this woman embodies an elegant and eloquent better half of the Emperor. The ethereal sparkle effect gives off a whimsical and impressive statuesque profile of the Empress relaxing and enjoying the castle courtyard. The brocade pattern of the dress and its princess cut also gives a certain grace on each of the pictures poses. I did not want to wear a crown this time but I wanted to showcase different pearl accessories starting with the headpiece, the ornate pearl-sleeves and a floral-shaped pearl ring to compliment the dress's floral design. The simple nude heels also has jewels that completely ties with the whole editorial look. Truly, this simple yet captivating editorial does a great justice to what an Empress should look and embody.


Last but definitely not the least is the Masquerade Maiden editorial. I wanted to channel a single nobility woman who is a social butterfly and the life of the party and yet keeps a part of her somewhat mysteriously as she leaves the masquerade ball. The maiden gazes around and preys for a potential future partner as she takes a ballad in the courtyard fountain area. For this specific look, a masquerade masque is definitely a must. I got this specific one from my visit in New Orleans three years ago. I also opted for a long, fitted skirt that has a high slit on the side to portray a "femme fatale" vibe in a decent and discrete manner. If you look closely, the skirt's printed design is a Baroque-inspired print of heavenly and celestial bodies and beings. I then paired it with a see-thru lace body suit and a simple strap on high heels not to overthrow the focus on the skirt and the accessories. Finally, the chocker necklace just covers the top, good enough to give a little peep show of the maiden's chest area and finally paired it with a black rabbit fur. Now, she is ready to take on the world!

I hope you guys loved these three fashion editorials and I hope they have transported you back in time and until next time.


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