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The Kitchen Connoisseur: Pasta Perfecto (Episode 1)

Bonjour and Ciao my dear Parisian Panda followers and foodies!

I am so excited to share this premiere episode of my new cooking segment called THE KITCHEN CONNOISSEUR. In this segment, I am featuring professionals and artisans creating magic in the kitchen. I confess that cooking is not my forte but tasting and eating delicious food is!

In this episode called, "Pasta Perfecto" as I am joined by a very good friend and guest co-host, Serena Palumbo-Weiss, who is a celebrity chef (Food Network), an international esquire and known to many as the "Pasta Goddess". Serena showed me how to do Pasta Caprese from scratch straight from her posh Upper West Side kitchen. It was really such a delight to learn how to do pasta, especially from a native Italian!

I wanted to thank our sponsors for this episode: Pasta di Martino and Caffe Trucillo for teaming and partnering up with us. Please click on their respective links to know more about their amazing products which we actually used in this episode.

I hope you all will enjoy this episode and learn a thing or two in the kitchen because I certainly did!

See you guys in the next episode and Bon Appetito!

**For our partners, please click on this link.


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