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The Parisian Panda: My Colorful Life in Black & White (4th Year Anniversary Special)

Bonjour and Hello my dear readers and subscribers!

Today is extra special because The Parisian Panda (aka, yours truly) is celebrating my fourth year anniversary as a fashion blogger and content creator. I am just happy and proud of all my achievements throughout this whole journey, especially the past four years looking back to when I started in 2018.

I still cannot believe that when I first started, all I wanted was to do and share fashion editorials and posts since that came to me naturally. But over time, I met so many creative individuals who allowed me to tap deeper into my imagination and my other passion which is music and long and behold, I was producing music and dance videos and even collaborated to produce a cooking show last year. Truly, this passion project has become more than a hobby but a mission to spread and inspire other creatives and individuals to go and pursue their dreams whether it be a past time or a professional growth.

While I do not know what the future holds for The Parisian Panda, all I know is that I am so lucky and thankful and indeed blessed to be able to have this opportunity (as I keep reiterating every year) to be able to do and express what I love to do while meeting and collaborating with different people that allows me to grow and know myself even better.

For this shoot, I would like to thank Loic Ercolessi of LE Photos, the maestro photographer, and Georgina Quiroga, my makeup artist; both whom helped me execute the look and pictures I want to achieve and have for this year's milestone. I also would like to extend my gratitude to HGAB Studios in Miami whose crew were super helpful and efficient.

I cannot wait and I am looking forward to this year's new creative moments and adventures! My name is The Parisian Panda and welcome to:

My Colorful Life in Black and White!


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